Pets Travelling Along – Is it a Good Idea or Not?

Most of the people who own pets consider them members of their family. So normally, when you want to go on vacation or a business trip, you are seriously considering whether to take them with you or not. Pets travelling is still not the norm, but it can be done.

The usual dilemma comes up: should I take my pet with me? That usually means more detailed planning of your trip, starting from accommodation to transport and meals. Airlines allow pet transport, provided the pet has the mandatory microchip (for international travels), by which they can check their health certificates and vaccines are up to date. An important aspect is whether your pet tolerates the means of transportation. Depending on the size, some airlines allow for the pet to be kept in a pet-carrier under the seat, inside the cabin, or transport them like any checked baggage, if larger. Although airline employees try to handle pets with care, travelling with dogs might prove to be an added stress both for you and the animal.

The travelling requirements, the nature of your trip and the mental health of your pet make it sometimes worthier to consider pet-boarding. For the pet, it proves to be more comfortable, and for you a weight off of your shoulders, knowing it is being taken care of by people who are passionate about animals. Pet hotels are an option, they also check for vaccinations and health certificates and host a wide range of sizes and breeds. Another option is home boarding where pets are left in the houses and caring hands of people who love animals, along with other pets, but in smaller numbers than in a pet hotel.

Now the only thing left to do is to get them there. When preparing for a trip, we tend to underestimate the time spent on details such as transporting your pet to the chosen boarding form. You can check out on for pet transport services done by pet lovers. They take care of your best friend, be it small or large, but do require a call in advance for bigger animals. This way you save precious time, otherwise spent on going back and forth to the boarding facility and also avoid the separation stress at a foreign location.

So when planning your next trip, be it for business or pleasure, ask yourself if you agree to pets travelling along. Make sure you also consider its well-being and trust it with people who love animals and understand all aspects of caring for a pet.