3 Amazing Dog Taxi Pictures (And Advice)

In this article we go through some of the coolest dog taxi pictures you’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, as cool as they look, some of these pictures might put your dog in danger. under each picture we have written what is dangerous about the picture and how you can make sure that your dog is safe when you are travelling with them.

Straight outta the car

Dog hanging out of the car

We must admit, it looks amazing, the dog has fun and it makes a great scene for some cool pictures. However there are some dangerous involved with letting your dog hang out of the car window.

  • Sand, dust and rocks.

When you drive, your wheels kick up a lot of dirt. It’s not only you who does this, but also the driver in front of you and the guy in front of him. When you are in the car, you don’t really notice this (except when it rains), but a lot of debris flies around your car. If any of these fly into your dog’s eyes for instance, it can hurt or damage them permanently. So maybe it’s safer to take those inst pics when the car is not moving!

  • Wind damage

It’s almost the same principle as the reason above here. When you drive a lot of air moves around your car, more than you think so! This amount of air lets your dog’s ear flap around their head. This repeated flapping can cause the ears to become super sensitive and cause trauma to your dog. When repeated often this can even lead to permanent trauma.

  • Falling out of the car

You don’t see it often, but sadly it does happen. When a dog hangs out of a window, it can happen that the excitement gets too much, they lose balance or are accidentally pushed out of the car. This is by far the biggest danger of the three risks. We strongly advise not to let your dog out of the car.

Posing outside of the car

Dog outside of the car

It is very important that your dog becomes comfortable around the car and taxi. You can teach your dog to become more comfortable by training him from a young age to be near and around cars, even with the engine running. There are multiple places where you can get guidance on how to train your dog in such a way. We have put down a few links to make it easier for you to find such places.




Comfy in the backseat

Dog in car basket

There are many different ways you can travel with your dog. We have added a handy infographic so that you can easily see how you can travel with your dog.

But what if you don’t want to go through all that hassle? You want a quick and easy solution to transport your furry friend from A to B. Well, lucky for you, you are already on the right page. HexPets takes care of all the travel you want to do with your dog. Just type in where and when you want to travel, and our taxi’s will come and pick you up to take care of the rest. Another great benefit is that you will not be surprised by the price at the end of the journey. When you pre book your pet taxi you’ll know to the penny how much you will spend.

So what are you waiting for?

dogs in cars infographic

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